“The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal For Life! is a musical that must be seen for many reasons. It’s a world-premiere in Bangkok; it’s the first instance of a musical created out of a personal motivational workshop; and it’s the first English-language international production in Bangkok that has an all-Thai cast.”
Lekha S

Thailand Tatler

“The cast portrayed the “difficulties” in their life that they were trying to overcome with pathos and acting talent that belied their amateur status. The dance routines were complex and exciting, yet were spoton, with not a step out of place. They were performing at the top of their game, and the stories they were telling resonated with the audience. Ernie suffering from losing a wife of 30 years to cancer, Karen trying to overcome an eating compulsion, Pete Pol/Venda trying to deal with his gender understanding, to those who can never say no, to how to find a voice, to how to explain the trauma of a sexual assault, and more. These all sound daunting and rather sombre problems, and not exactly for light family viewing. Many in the audience clearly sympathised with the issues being played out on stage, and had either experienced something of the same themselves, or at least knew someone who had”.
Robin Westley Martin

Expat Life in Thailand

“The Musical is about the characters in the workshop sharing their common humanity with each other, but also with the audience.” Dr Chérie Carter-Scott