The Workshop (a musical) 12 individuals attend a personal development workshop with certain expectations and discover that this is way more than they ever anticipated.
By Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MCC and Lynn U. Stewart, MCC.

An original concept coupled with an original score complete and ready for production.

Twelve hopeful participants (six men and six women), diverse in age, ethnicity, occupation, age, sexual preference, and objectives gather for a personal development workshop. They all long to obtain something very specific as they share their stories, some comic, some tragic but all are about human challenges. Each story is brimming with pathos, humor, and the universal underlying human connection. It employs the universal themes of wanting, fearing, risking, loss, breakdown and breakthrough as the human connectors that touch, elevate, and inspire.

The seasoned workshop leader, Randi, discovers that Nigel, an old flame of hers, is one of the participants in ?the workshop she is leading. Nigel’s objective is finding his frozen feelings that keep him from having a fulfilling relationship. Their actions and songs show what they need to do to attain what they lack and want…thinness, boundaries, assertiveness, clarity, recognition, forgiveness, release, peace, and freedom from guilt, sadness, loss, and shattered dreams. The dialog and actions of the participants show what they need to do to breakout of their personal prisons, start taking risks in order to get what they want.

As The Workshop unfolds bonds build, breakthroughs occur, and for some participants hopelessness surfaces causing hostility, separation, and acting out. The protagonist, Tamara ends Act I with a display of disdain and disgust as she threatens to leave.Act II goes deeper into the roots of the behavior change. As the stories unfold their human connections becomes evident as they establish bonds that make them eager to support each other in changing behaviors and getting what each one of them wants.

Loosely modeled after the structure of the brilliant production, A Chorus Line, The Workshop (musical) uses a personal development workshop as the context. Since the early 70’s millions of people worldwide have experienced personal development programs and therefore can relate to the transformational experience.

A simple set, a five-piece combo of musicians, 13 diverse and talented actors, and this production can be launched easily and efficiently.

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